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 A series of energetic initiations that are received into the body, then they either work in the background to heal you or are actively invoked through our intention to switch them on. The energies are given to individuals in simple, relaxed, day-long workshops and are extremely easy to use. They form a sequence, organized into six levels, that build upon each other to expand and develop our bodies and our consciousness as we progress through the systems.

The feeling and sense of energetic initiations is a genuinely individual process, and each person is different. Not everyone can immediately feel the Seraphim Blueprint energy initiations, although the sensitivity to them can grow with time and regular use. It is not essential to feel or notice the energies in your body for them to be working on your behalf. The Seraphim Blueprint teachers will guide you through the use of the energetic initiations so that you are confident of their actions on your behalf, even if you do not sense a lot of energy.

What is the Seraphim Blueprint?

Thirteen thousand years ago, a group of high angels called Seraphim created a cosmology that humanity could use for its ‘well-being and evolution.’ Atlantean priests first cognized this system. Then the early Hebrews recognized these energies and created the Kabbalah. In modern times the energies resurfaced in 1994 when one of the original Seraphim contacted Ruth Rendely, a meditation instructor.

The Seraphim Blueprint is a cosmological collection of energies that are permanently stored in the ethers. The Seraphim that created this system chose to give out these energies in a specific sequence that harmoniously integrates with our nervous systems.

The system includes 11 major energies that synergistically interact to enhance our life-force energy and well-being. Each major energy has its own purpose and distinct quality that together provides a unique evolutionary pathway for Self-Realization.

The energies are safe and intelligent and are pre-programmed to ideally adapt to our unique life situation and physical condition. They work on all levels of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

The Seraphim Blueprint Level’s

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Level I – Seraphim Healing      $200.00

This level heals us physically and emotionally, laying the foundation for spiritual growth. The first two powers are for healing oneself and others. Being initiated into these energies allows for a sense of greater internal union and a stronger immune system.

Level II – Seraphim Sacred Geometry       $200.00

This level is about breaking down karmic boundaries that limit our accomplishments in this lifetime. The key energies enhance rapid evolution. One is the supreme organizing power of the universe, and the other is the power to progressively remove karmic limitations.

Level III – Seraphim Manifestation         $200.00

This helps us to more quickly achieve our personal desires as well as cosmic purpose. Receiving fulfillment on a personal level allows us to aspire to higher goals. The two key powers promote intent, willpower, and wish fulfillment.

Level IV – Seraphim Cosmic Splendour      $200.00

This level helps us to adjust to the real cosmic forces that our bodies experience as our planet hurls through space at thousands of miles per second. This level maximizes the use of the physical vehicle in the expanding universe. Our individual bodies are holographic pieces of the entire universe. One energy repairs the damaged parts in our holographic etheric bodies, and the other helps us to adjust to an expanding universe.

Level V – Seraphim Planetary Healing           $200.00

This level gives us tools to communicate with non-physical beings who can partner with us to help this planet in its many transitions. This energy brings humanity into balance with the natural order. Specific initiations include harmonizing with elementals and vibratory beings.

Level VI – Seraphim Grace and Union       $250.00

Once we have cleared out the heavier dross that we have accumulated over lifetimes, we begin to feel a real need to absorb the beauty in our environment and feel closer to the Source. The energies in this workshop facilitate that process.

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If you are interested in taking any classes, Level 1-6. I do them through teleconference or Skype. If you live in the area, I conduct them in my home.

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Love and Light,

Elizabeth Radmanovich
Seraphim Blueprint Teacher and Usui Holy Fire II Master Teacher


To connect with the Seraph, print a copy and touch the symbol with your palm for up to 8 minutes.