Self Help Plan for a Positive Life

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This will focus on why we should have a plan so; we are able to have some solutions when stressors (an event that causes stress) this can lead to unhealthy stress levels in our lives. Nevertheless, we need to understand what stress is and, why there is abundance of stress in every person’s life.

There will be a step-by-step method on how to relax and to eliminate the level of stress that takes over your life and, other tools that will help relieve your stress. There are so many triggers that take place and you will need to understand how to recognize these triggers.

Self Care Plan

The first thing you need to think about is “what is stress” and “how does it impact your life.”

Here is the definition of stress; stress is a state of psychological and physical arousal that comes about as a result of a threat, challenge or change in one’s environment (Mitchell and Bray, 1990.)

You need to recognize the stress and also, understand what kind of stressors are causing the negative disruption. We all have stressors in our lives and it seems we complain about them first instead of making a plan to dissolve the stress. I really have been trying to make an effort to dissolve my stressors, so my life is filled with positive energy. I believe that it is so important find a solution to your problems that are causing the stress and with this philosophy you could can build a better fountain in your life.

You can see a positive change in your thought, by noticing less negative thoughts. While those negative thoughts are changing to positive thoughts there will be positive people and reactions happening in your personal and business life.

Stress and stressors can put blinders on our inner self and we are unable to interpret the problem. We need to understand stress so we recognize what it does to you physically and mentally. Everyone handles stress in all different ways and if you have plan to stop the stress entering your thoughts before it disrupts your life. Here is a tool I use every day it helps me stay strong physically and mentally throughout the day.

First Tool – Meditation

I mediate every morning, and this helps me stay grounded and it also, helps me understand myself by recognizing my weakness and my strengths. This is how I start out to mediate you might have to read it a couple times and then try to do each step. If you can implement this tool every day, it will take at least two to three days to envision each step.

First you need to sit down and be comfortable and place both of your feet on the floor, and picture your feet as if they were a root from a tree. Then take a deep breath until you feel your lungs filling up with air (keep taking deep breathes until you empty your thought.) Then you will envision long beautiful rope materialization out of your feet. Imagine this rope being drawn down to the core of the earth. Visualize this long beautiful steel bar in the middle of the earth and remember keep taking long deep breaths. Hold on to the rope and wrap it around really tight around the steel bar and make a knot then pull the rope and take it up and out of the earth and straight through your toes and feet. Capture the rope through your feet, calves, knees, thighs, pelvis, lower abdomen, upper abdomen, chest, upper arms, lower arms, hands, fingers, and back through your arms then you enter your shoulders. Then take the rope up through your neck and then through your head make sure you breathe while the rope is entering through each part of your body.


Take in a soothing breathe and take the rope through the top of your head which is called the crown and imagine a white bright light and the feel the love and positive vibration. When you see the bright light you pull it down through your head and see your chakras and you start with your third eye in your forehead. Then you image the light opening your third eye and image the light shooting out of your third eye, traveling down through your throat this called communication chakra. The next charka is your heart which stores your love, and then the light is traveling to your upper abdomen which holds your wisdom. Then the light travels down to your navel and this keeps order then the pelvis area which is life. You take that light through your feet and this holds the roots of stability. When you have all your charkas lit up by the light you take a silver steel string that keeps them together and pull them tight to keep them aligned. If you stay grounded all day and every day you will be able to deal the stressor that will cause any stress in your life.

Second Tool – Nutrient
nutrients_foods-1It is very important to eat lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, proteins and grains. However, it all depends how you prepare your food you need to make sure it is as healthy as possible by baking, grilling or steaming your vegetables. When you cook them in the pan use olive oil or coconut oil. I also, have found instead of using regular table salt I use Himalayan salt is so much healthier. I use a lot of spicy vegetables and some of my spices are very hot the reason why I chose to make my food spicier because it has been proven that it is good for your immune system.


Third Tool – The Power of Positive Thinking

This tool I use daily “The Power of Positive Thinking.” My husband and I have been practicing this for the last five years.

This is how it works; first thing in the morning when we wake up we think how many wonderful things we are grateful for and it follows us through the day. When I start to feel down or frustrated I step back, close my eyes, take a deep breath, and just think of something that makes me happy. When I have a negative thought I will first acknowledge why I am thinking that negative thought and replace with a positive thought.


Fourth Tool –  Good Night Sleep

The other important tool I know is crucial to relieve any stress is to get a good night sleep. It is essential to shut yourself down and reboot yourself so you are able to make sense of your daily stressors. I have established that I need at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep, but some people need more or less sleep to feel refresh. This is very important to understand yourself physically and mentally.


Fifth Tool – Exercise

This tool is amazing it helps to relieve stress! You can do yoga and stretching every day for about 15 to 30 minutes. You are able to mediate at the same time while you are stretching and concentrating on your stretching positions. On the other hand, when you play soft soothing music when you are stretching or doing your yoga it seems you can relax and stretch makes it much easier. Walking can be very effective and I would recommend to walk for 20 mins or more. While you are walking you can listen to soft meditation music and think about all of the positive people, things or events that are happening in your life.

Positive thoughts

Organizing your personal life by forming a menu for your healthy meals this will help eliminate any frustration what you are going to eat each day. Mediation will help you focus on the important task you are struggling with and keep your chakra inline. While you are exercising you will keep your muscles and body stay fit and flexible. Also, the list that you make up every day should be the things you are supposed to do that day. However, as you maintain your goals they will change, so you need to adjust your goals as time goes on. Sleeping is very important to everyone and we need to maintain our sleep patterns this helps eliminate fatigue or frustrated.


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