How I use the Pillar of Light

Elwah River in Washington State

I wanted to share how I use the  Pillar of Light. But first, I need to tell you where the Pillar of Light comes from and what I use it for!  The angels that work with me said that the Pillar of Light is a high vibration energy frequency from a higher dimension. I see this energy as a stream of light. This light, when I call it in, I use this energy to ground myself or others. This energy first comes down and enters the crown chakra. The Pillar of Light is like a conduit and holds beautiful healing energies. You can bring other modalities energies through the Pillar of Light. The light will first flow down through your crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, root chakras, and then go all the way down to the middle of the earth. Then I see a cooper or titanium bar, and then this energy wraps around it three times. Then it comes back up through the root chakra and follows to the crown chakra and goes back up to the higher source. I allow the energy to bring in anything that is needed to help me ground and heal me or anyone else that I am grounding. This light will flow through any blocked areas and gracefully penetrate your chakras, meridians, through your tissue, blood, bones, organs, cells, down to your DNA if there are any blockages anywhere it place light all around it. So, I suggest that when you are envisioning or feel the energies, you should allow any release of any blockages.

I wanted to share this chart about your chakras.

I will be sharing more, but I feel I needed to share something now.

Sending you so much love and light!

Elizabeth Radmanovich


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