What Angels mean to me!

I want to tell you what angels mean to me and how they help me through the day. I am drawn to write several series of my experience, and I will be talking about them throughout the day and months.

When I was a child I would see these beautiful light come through the night in my room. I would feel this beautiful love coming through the light. I would hear this small beautiful voices coming through and sometimes you would see the lights vibrate. When I got older it seemed these lights I was seeing they were angels visiting me. I always heard them tell me things through the colors. The colors would become brighter as they talk to me. I felt this over whelming feeling in my heart and sometimes it would bring tears through my eyes. I would talk to them all the time and ask them questions. I felt like I was in their world, but I new they were right there. I felt very safe like they were protecting me.

Archangel Michael

I think most of us have experienced the energy from Archangel Michael. When he appears in my present I see like dark blue color that feels so calming. I have always connected with Archangel Michael and I call him in first before I call in any other angel or team members. He told me one day always call me first and I will be there to protect you and any other team member you are working with.

I will continue to write more information! Please share some of your experiences in the comments below.

Sending much love and kindness!



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