Write in a Journal


Fly like a Butterfly with your Words!!!!!

The importance of writing a journal helps to put things that are in your life in more perspective. Journal notes are the events that are going on that day. It can be a paragraph, sentence, or words. It can be a recipe that you love so much! I start off in my journal like this;

11/12/2019: Today was a very productive day of me. I made chili with my husband, and what was so beautiful is that since I started weight watchers again, there are no points in my chili!!! I am glad, but I still am craving sugar. I meditated two times and walked my dog and went, did office work, and went to the grocery store. Blessing and Love, Elizabeth!!!

This was a rundown of my day; it was short!! But looking at what I wrote, I did not show any gratitude. This very important to write and say what you are grateful for what you have.

Also, the type of journal book I like to write in all leather here is one off of Amazon;  There are so many types and inexpensive too.


Sending you, Love and Blessings




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